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Des Moines Police Preparing for a Noisy Independence Day

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Police say they expect hundreds of complaints due to fireworks. Already the department has received a handful of complaints before nightfall.

Every year the department responds to two to three hundred noisy fireworks calls. Most firecrackers are illegal in Iowa however individuals can possess sparklers, snakes and caps.

If caught with or exploding illegal fireworks, fines can range up to $500 or thirty days in jail.

Due to the high volume of calls, officers say they'll likely confiscate the property and give warnings instead.


  • Krjbolej

    The noise may be annoying, but waste the officer’s time complaining about it ? On the Fourth? I could see if it was in like October, but it’s the Fourth of July.

  • Harry Moyer

    It’s some easy overtime for our boys in blue. Always ready every year to do my part. We had a great finale! They need to just give it up and make them legal.

  • Justice

    Good grief. It’s time to start ignoring such nuisance calls. If somebody is blowing off cheap firecrackers or cheap fireworks…seriously? Let it go. Save the cop time for people stabbing or shooting each other. Give the rest of us a break and allow us to celebrate being Americans.

  • Hugo S LaVia

    Yeah, ignore the laws — as long as it’s in the name of patriotism. Gawd is this country stupid. What’s next? Sacrificing virgins? Mutilating household pets? ‘Oh, but it was part of our Fourth of July celebration.’

    I guess you missed WOI’s reporter asking people at the Urbandale parade the questions they ask people getting naturalized — most people don’t even know who the governor is or who our senators are. You really think dip wads are blowing off fireworks for love of country?

  • Troy Hendrickson

    The majority of Iowans want fireworks legalized again, corrupt politicians serving special interest groups made sure the majority was silenced at statehouse. You can be a mindless sheep and willingly submit to corrupt hypocritical authority, or you can be an American and stand up to it.

    Too bad Iowa missed out on the hundreds of thousands of dollars we spent out of state buying fireworks. But my family had a blast celebrating the 4th, on the 4th, without all the corporate commercialization.

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