Going Bananas at the Urbandale July 4th Parade

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URBANDALE, Iowa – The Urbandale July 4th Parade is one of the biggest in the area.  This year 125 entries stretched out over two miles.  One entry decided this was the year to literally “go bananas.”

Dave Wells of the Aldersgate Church said they noticed each year at the parade, most people give out candy, no one was giving out fruit.  So this year the group got a trailer load of bananas to hand out to the thousands of people along the parade route.  The parade goes on 70th Street to Aurora, and then down Aurora to 82nd.

In addition to the banana give away, Aldersgate is also holding a food drive for the Urbandale Food Pantry during the parade. Volunteers pushed grocery carts with food already donated even at the start of the parade. People can donate food along the way and receive a banana. “Everybody gets fed,” said Wells.

Jack Neals is one of the Aldersgate youth walking the parade route. Neals said, “parents are happy because it’s something other than candy.” He added, “it puts smiles on kids faces.”

The Urbandale Parade is a large one to organize. A detailed map uses Palm Drive, Roseland Drive, Roseland Drive, Oliver Smith Drive, as well as 70th Street to stack up all the parade entries. The Aldersgate United Methodist entry and it’s load of bananas was able to line up in a shady spot to wait their turn to go, along 70th Street.  The group used a number of adults and kids to give the crsip yellow bananas away during the parade.


  • Tyrone Washington

    I m a African American male in my 30’s. A old white woman threw a banana at me during the parade. What else is there to say?

  • William Denison

    Next year the Aldersgate Church will be giving out apples with the tagline ” Apples for A-holes”.

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