Boater says he Didn’t Expect Jet Skier to Live after Collision

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POLK COUNTY, Iowa - Polk County authorities have charged two of the five men who were involved in a boating crash yesterday. They say it happened around 5:30 last night near the Sycamore access to the Des Moines River.

Brian Lloyd, 41, of Des Moines was riding his jet ski when hit the back of 38-year old Greg Stith's boat. The two are longtime friends. Stith says Lloyd was trying to "catch a wave" on his jet ski when it collided with the boat. The impact caused the boat to capsize and Stith says he feared his friend had died.

“He got ejected from the jet ski. He went flying over the boat and to be honest I didn`t expect to hear his voice. We certainly didn`t want to start our 4th of July weekend like this but unfortunately it happened. The positive thing is, he`s still with us and we`ll be able to carry on.”

Lloyd suffered injuries to his leg and back along with a bruised chest. According to the Des Moines Register the two men were charged with careless operation of their crafts. Officials say alcohol was not a factor.


  • Dan

    Jet ski’s are to the water, what mopeds were to traffic.. but with mopeds they didn’t whip in and out behind you trying to jump your wake. Can’t count the times, jetskis pull in front of boats and near misses I’ve seen. Hope they all recover.

  • Bill

    What a couple of dumb sh*ts. This is pure darwinism. Hopefully neither has spread their gene pool around.

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