Computer Problem Means One More Option for Saturday Fireworks Shows

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DES MOINES, Iowa–Belmond, Des Moines (State Fairgrounds), Fort Dodge, Grimes and Altoona (Adventureland) are among the communities planning Saturday night fireworks displays in honor of the 4th of July.

Belmond’s City Manager LeeAnn Waltzing emailed that her town’s show had originally been scheduled for Friday night, but a computer issue delayed the show until Saturday at 10p.m. at the Belmond-Klemme Athletic Complex.

Here is Channel 13’s list of shows. 

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  • Troy Hendrickson

    To clarify, the fireworks in Fort Dodge were scheduled for the 5th, not to celebrate the 4th, but in hopes of being the only town in the area with fireworks to maximize profits for local businesses. Apparently the city leaders forgot when the 4th is observed, and more importantly, why.

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