Police Not Ready to Release Officer’s Name Who Fatally Shot Woman

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ANKENY, Iowa--Ankeny police say they don't plan to release the officer's name who fatally shot a suicidal woman until the Division of Criminal Investigation finishes its investigation.

Here is the previous story:

Ankeny police say an officer shot and killed a woman after they report that she pointed a semi-automatic weapon at them Saturday night.

Chief Gary Mikulec released a statement Saturday night about the incident at 915 SW Springfield Road. He said a caller told authorities at 5:17p.m. that a resident at the address was armed with a gun and suicidal.

Mikulec said Marilyn Boyd, 59, held a semi-automatic firearm. She refused to drop the weapon and then pointed it at an officer, Mikulec said. That is when he said the officer shot Boyd. Boyd later died at the hospital.

The department did not release the name of the officer but said the officer had five years experience with Ankeny police.

The Division of Criminal Investigation will now look into the shooting.



  • Melissa

    Why are looking into it? The woman pointed a gun at a cop. Of course the cop, and anyone for that matter with a gun, is going to automatically shoot.

  • Dan

    Why would you kick down the door of someone who is suicidal? Wait don’t shoot yourself, that’s our job? At least this way they’ll get one side of the story. I’d think there would be a better procedure.

    • Mike Cee

      Because the suicidal person may also be a danger to others. Someone who is suicidal and waving a semi-auto rifle around can easily start shooting and take out other people in the house or neighbors.

      • QE1983

        I didn’t read the word “rifle” anywhere in the article. For all we know she had a pellet gun that looks real scary to most sheeple.

  • Amy

    We live just around the corner from this home. Everyone who reads this article needs to understand that there is a very large park just across the street from where this incident occurred. There are many, many families and young children in this area, many of whom were outdoors at the time that this happened. The incident occurred at 5:17 pm. It wasn’t like this was in the middle of the night when people are asleep. This was during the daylight hours when there were many people and kids outdoors and on the sidewalks in front of the house. I do not feel that the police over-reacted to this incident. The woman was pointing her gun at police officers. She was obviously deranged. Had she excited the house and run outdoors, others could have been hurt. Think of the other incidents in the news lately when “suicidal” people have shot and killed others before killing themselves. Everyone complains that the police didn’t stop them. This could have escalated to something a lot bigger.

  • Another Nobody

    God bless the police, but if “…the officer had five years experience with Ankeny police,” it could not have been the same Ankeny police officer, who shot dead my friend ten years ago. My friend had mental issues, a wife, kids, and the police had been to the house a number of times. The police knew him well, and shot him dead for coming at them with a knife. The county atty found it justified; what else would he say to protect the city from being sued for killing a nobody.

    • DKM2341

      I am sorry to hear about your friend. Living with mental illness is very difficult. However, it doesn’t give someone the right to threaten another with a deadly weapon. It’s sad to hear the situation wasn’t able to be de-escalated before your friend attacked with a knife. The officers do have a right to protect themselves. Their lives aren’t less valuable because they wear a uniform. What if they wouldn’t have shown up and he injured himself or a family member or any other unarmed person? It’s horrible when these things happen. There is no winner. It’s all just sad.

    • Bill

      Hey Pal. Sounds like your friend got what he deserved. You don’t come after anyone with a knife and don’t expect retaliation. If your dead friend came after me with a knife, I guarantee you I would have ventilated him with my 9mm.

  • Patty Morton

    Denise was an old neighbor of mine and a good person. I am shocked! She has such a good heart. My mother was sick with Alzheimer’s and she would sit with her and take her out to make my moms smile and give me a break. Always doing for others. She had been through a lot. Yes, if someone points a gun at you as an officer, you would naturally defend yourself. Why it took multiple shots I don’t know….. he could have just hit her to take her down….not kill her. She was one of the big-hearted people I know. Was so good to many of our neighbors (elderly ones too). I just wanted to say that so everyone wouldn’t think she was some kind of “monster” that was a gun fanatic. Please don’t judge. That is God’s job. Just know she was a caring, loving, generally happy person. May she rest in peace. We all know they almost always find the officers in the right in these cases….. Please don’t say bad things about her. She’s gone….I will miss her so much.

    • DKM2341

      Being suicidal doesn’t make someone a bad person. It is sad that there wasn’t an opportunity for someone to intervene and get her help before things escalated to the point where she was armed and suicidal. Best case would have been if she would have put the gun down and been escorted to the hospital. But, that officer had every right to protect their life and make it home to their family last night. That officer didn’t put her in that position and I am sure, isn’t relishing in the action that had to be taken. It is an all around horrible situation. I hope all of those affected are able to find peace.

    • Patti Guy Sheeler

      Thank you for representing her as another human being. Sometimes I think people forget that little fact. She was someone’s daughter, sister, mother, aunt. She had a life and that life for whatever reason was cut short. It is a sad situation.

    • Aaron Dowdell

      “why it took multiple shots”

      a typical 9mm police weapon doesn’t have a ton of knock down force. It is possible if you shoot once that even a little old lady could remain standing get pissed off and squeeze a couple rounds off before being incapacitated one way or another. If you are going to use deadly force it doesn’t matter if you use a little or a lot of deadly force, the key is to neutralize the threat. (obviously there is such a thing as excessive, if the person is incapacitated and more rounds continue to be fired) Police are trained to use the minimum amount of force to incapacitate. You aim center mass, and you make sure you stop the threat. a “double tap” is basically trained into a police officer to ensure the person is incapacitated. 1 round won’t always do it, 2 rounds will almost always do it… I have seen video where 10-15 rounds center mass didn’t do it…

  • Paul

    At least it was as it should be…. one cop/one shot vs. 6 cops and a hundred rounds like in Iowa Falls and many other places.

  • Justice

    Sorry to hear of a death of any fellow human. However, I do not blame the police officer for doing his duty in this situation.

  • Aaron Dowdell

    The only thing I would like to point out here is that you should NOT call the police unless the situation can’t be handled any other way… Just like the kid in Ames who stole his dad’s truck, if you don’t want the person dead do NOT call the police. These things can get blown out of proportion VERY quickly and police have gotten more aggressive in their training and attitudes. Simply do NOT involve the police unless you want someone dead or there is NO other way to deal with the situation. If she was truly suicidal and she was alone and not threatening anyone else– call her on the phone, call a psychologist, call anyone but the police if you don’t want her to commit suicide. If she kills herself hey what could you have done? But If you know she has a gun out and visible, and she wants to die… DO NOT call the police. They will be more than happy to “oblige”.

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