The Insiders: Former GOP Senate Candidate Matt Whitaker

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This weekend we celebrate Independence Day for the United States of America.  It is a time of patriotism, pride and a celebration of the hope independence has brought for generations.

Hope is also the main reason an estimated 52,000 children have arrived at our country's doorstep.  They've come from Central American countries like Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.  President Obama has a major decision to make now - what to do with these children.

Joining Channel 13's Dave Price in this edition of The Insiders is former U.S. Attorney and Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, Matt Whitaker.  During his term as U.S. Attorney, he played a lead role in a raid on an Iowa meatpacking plant where illegal immigrants worked.  These arrests made headlines as they impacted the children of those workers.

Whitaker offers his perspective on how the government should respond to this major challenge.

For part 2, click here.


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