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Former Des Moines Meteorologist Loses Eye in Fireworks Accident

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Dave-RexrothIOWA CITY, Iowa – A TV meteorologist, who started his career in Des Moines, will undergo surgery to get a prosthetic eye after a fireworks mishap in Iowa City.

Dave Rexroth, who is now the chief meteorologist at WXYZ-TV in Detroit, was on vacation with his family when the incident happened Friday evening, July 4, 2014.

Rexroth lost sight in his left eye, WXYZ reported. He was hospitalized in Iowa City, and scheduled to undergo surgery to begin the process of getting a prosthetic eye Wednesday, July 9.

Rexroth was a meteorologist at WOI-TV in Des Moines, where he started his career, in the 1990s.


  • William Denison

    This man is even educated and breaks the law here in Iowa to have fun with high explosives. My advice to Mr.Rexroth would be the next time he’s out storm chasing to keep the storm cell on his right side.

    • Don

      William Denison:

      i hope should you ever suffer a mishap, the first person to comment to you is a thoughtless jerk like you

    • remy

      as someone who has experienced being hit in the eye just by watching fireworks – how did you ascertain he was doing something illegal ? Oh wait maybe that’s ASSUME.

  • Kay

    I didn’t see where it said anything about Him breaking the law. Unless you’ve read an article elsewhere, or were there you are just assuming he was breaking the law. For all you know it may of been at a professional show, or a neighbor may have set them off injuring Mr. Rexroth.

  • Sue

    First off it says he is now in Detroit & it happened while he was on Vacation. No where in the article did it mention he was in Iowa!

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