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Ford Recalls 100,000 Vehicles

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ford-edgeNEW YORK, New York — Ford Motor recalled about 100,000 cars and trucks Tuesday.

The biggest recall was for 92,000 cars that have an axle problem that can either prevent the car from starting or essentially shift the car into neutral when it’s on the road. Stopped cars can also roll if the parking brake isn’t engaged.

Affected models include the Taurus, the Interceptor, the Flex and the Edge from model years from 2012 to 2014.

In addition, 200 2014 Ford Fiestas were recalled for a potential gas tank leaks that could cause a fire.

The auto industry has recalled a record number of U.S. cars and trucks so far this year. General Motors alone has recalled 25.7 million autos in 2014, while Ford Motor has recalled about 3 million vehicles so far.


  • plynitsafe

    Shows My Truck as a Recall but said Check back later for more details. I already got an appointment tomorrow for an Oil change. I’ll check then !!

  • Liz Bunte

    I have driven Volkswagen since I got my first car…a yellow beetle…..I am driving a 2003 VW speed Jetta….yes, some of you will say they are a piece of S ! and buy American…I am a satisfied VW customer…why mess it up?

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