Iowa State Penitentiary to Open in the Fall

FORT MADISON, Iowa – Authorities expect prisoners to move into the new Iowa State Penitentiary sometime this fall.

In April, it came to light that the new geothermal heating and cooling system at the Fort Madison facility wasn’t working correctly.

Corrections officials say crews are currently working to repair it. The problems pushed the transition back several months.

The $132-million prison was built about a mile north of the current penitentiary. It will have 800 beds, which is 250 more than the old facility.

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  • plynitsafe

    800 Beds Is Not Enough for the Growing Drug Problems. The Mexican Drug Cartel Has Already Fully Infiltrated the Ozarks, Springfield, Mo on up to Sedalia, And I’m sure? They are Already here in Iowa. Then? All these illegals … doing illegal things? Along with Major Crime at an all time high? Need to build on to All the other State Prisons. Better yet? Add more bunks per room, they don’t need nothing. That is Why They are in Prison. Why there are Repeat Offenders. It’s Just to Cozy and Comfy in there for them and they all have become institutionalized.

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