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ARL Over Capacity, Seeking Public’s Help

DES MOINES, Iowa – The Animal Rescue League of Iowa needs your help caring for a record number of homeless animals.

“One-thousand-two hundred-fifty animals were under the Animal Rescue League’s care as of today,” says ARL Executive Director Tom Colvin.

There is no one reason for the rising number of pets in their care. Colvin says part of the problem is that local shelters are full so people are traveling great distances to drop them off at the ARL. The ARL doesn’t turn away any animal.

“We are letting them know that we’re full too,” says Colvin.

“I’d rather go to a shelter to help out and get the dogs taken care of instead of keeping them in the shelter,” says Brooke Rice.

She and her kids stopped by the shelter to find a new family pet. Each adopted or fostered animal is replaced at the shelter. Right now, more than 800 cats and kittens are looking for a good home.

“You’re typically looking at $15 a day per animal so when you multiple that by the kinds of numbers we’re talking about, it’s a very expensive situation,” says Colvin.

The ARL hopes to adopt 200 pets over the next five days. It will only cost $25 until Sunday. The fee includes spay and neutering, a microchip, and vaccines.

Click for a list of the animals looking for a new home.



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