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Iowa Man Found Guilty for Growing Pot he Says Helped Treat Cancer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Benton Mackenzie testifies at his drug trial. (WQAD)

Benton Mackenzie testifies at his drug trial. (WQAD)

DAVENPORT, Iowa — A terminally ill Davenport man could be heading to prison for growing marijuana he says was meant to treat his cancer.

WQAD reports a Scott County jury returned guilty verdicts Wednesday against Benton Mackenzie and his wife and son on drug charges.

Mackenzie is a stage four cancer patient who is currently in hospice care. He claims he was growing the marijuana so he could process it into cannabis oil to use medically.

However that defense was not allowed at trial.

The Mackenzie family will be sentenced on August 28th.


    • William Denison

      Not all of this country is backwards just the states where the people have given up their voice and their vote to a corrupt
      state government ..

    • William Denison

      Still planning a trip out to your area and see the sights and to smoke the smoke. Will be contacting you then. Thanks for all your input on this matter. Your living the way all free Americans should be. I envy you.

  • William Denison

    Vote out the State Republicans this fall for the change Iowans need and to send a message that we here care for our own no matter what disease they have and how they choose to treat it. This is not the Iowa I grew up in. In my day we judged not and held the sick and dying not turning our backs on them or imprison them. What has happened? Why is there this simmering hatred for others who choose a way of life that some others do not. I’ll tell you why. It comes from the top down. Our state leadership has distilled a hate ,fear and greed unto the people of this state. Its all they know sadly. Never forget it may be you someday sick and dying hoping for just a small amount of relief . Cannabis works. It works very well. This we know. Shame on all off you who walk so blindly among us.

  • John

    This is the results of our in-justice system. What we need is an amendment that says all victimless crimes are hereby unconstitutional.

    When we grow cannabis for whether recreational or medicinal it is not infringing upon anyone’s civil rights.

    You can not take Mackenzie to his accuser because there is none… but the insurance companies, oil giants, pharmaceutical corporations, prison industrial complex, alcohol industry and many more are all spending billions to make sure god’s gift to mankind stays illegal.

    • William Denison

      So true, this man and his family go to prison for growing for their own Med Cannabis for use to treat the pain that comes with cancer while Dr. Daniel Baldi. has seven counts of involuntary manslaughter on him and walks out of a courtroom a free man. Only in Iowa. Corruption out of control.

  • john

    So, let’s take him away from his family so he can die alone for an incredibly stupid and senseless reason.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    Iowans need to be ashamed of themselves for allowing such corrupt, hypocritical politicians to have power over them. The good news is, some of the most outspoken liars in the statehouse are old geezers, can’t have many years left and I plan to urinate freely on their graves for the misery they have caused human beings.

  • Richard M

    this is tyranny. This is a farce. If I didn’t know better, I’d think we were still under the rule of King George’s crown. It’s time to declare and address the injustices of this broken system and change it by whatever means possible. We are humans. We are Americans. We are free, not by the permission of our government, but because we fought and died for it.

  • Kathy

    This guy is a total whack job. If you reader deeper into story elsewhere, when initially discovered he smoked pot thinking it would cure his cancer.

    Wow, you cant make stuff like that up.

    As they say, “no cure for stupid.”

    • William Denison

      Read deeper into to this story dummy
      .Iowa voters overwhelmingly support the legalization of medical marijuana. A recent poll found 81 percent favor legalization.

    • Ratko

      He is stupid for believing that pot can cure? I m sure you don’t have clue what you are saying. When you have four stage cancer and live in hospice there isn’t stupid beliefs. You can say same about those that face death with cross in their hands same thing too. Cross can’t even do a thing medically as pot may, but it is so respected in same courtroom where people hang for silly plant growing. What harm did this man do to anyone. Just destroyed by idiots. Most likely idiots that smoke it once in awhile anyway. If he believed that he can treat or even cure his disease he was helped already. That is all sometimes that u have, beliefs.

  • Randy Graven

    That’s it, Iowa-go after a guy dying of cancer for growing some pot,but let the meth dealers loose if they squeak on somebody else.

    • William Denison

      At least three law enforcement agencies (local, county and state) all whited washed the slaughter of two people by our governors drunk driving son Eric but the state hangs this man out to dry. Eric Branstad paid a $15,00 fine for his actions.

  • Bill

    This is such a depressing story. Imprisoning a man and his family that sought relief from the agony of cancer because he tried to use a mostly harmless plant, especially compared to booze and cancer drugs. While at the same time Seattle’s city council has made smoking pot in public a $27.00 ticket. Has Iowa become that mean spirited and small minded? What a SHAME!

  • LKM

    To bad they don’t use their time and money on stopping the Meth problem in Iowa. Here in Bussey, a small town of 500 is commonly known as the Meth capital of the state but very rarely does anyone get busted! My late husband had stage 4 cancer and if I could have found some pot for him to ease his pain I would have risked jail to get it. This whole thing is basic Iowa!

  • Evan

    Alright folks, if you’re as sick of this as I am, you really need to vote libertarian, because gay married couples should be able to defend their pot farm with assault rifles. Also because a victimless crime is not a crime.

  • Darcy Shaw

    C’mon, Iowa “Lawmakers”, who is this “hurting”?! Really?! Incarceratinga cancer patient and his family? Dear God, there are REAL criminals who need to be chased, Not this guy.

  • Nebula Haze

    I can’t believe anyone would send a Stage 4 cancer patient (plus his wife and their son) to prison for growing medical cannabis to try to help beat his cancer.

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