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Police: Woman Killed in Officer-involved Shooting Had .145 BAC

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ANKENY, Iowa - Police have released more details about an officer involved shooting in Ankeny on July 5.

According to the Ankeny Police Department, Officer Aaron King shot Denise Boyd, 59, after she pointed a gun at King and his partner.

Police were called to 900 block of SW Springfield Drive shortly after 5:15 p.m. on July 5 for a report of  suicidal resident with a gun. Officer King encountered Boyd, who refused to drop the weapon, when the shooting happened.

According to a press release, Boyd had a blood-alcohol content of 0.145 when she was admitted to Mercy Hospital where she died of her injuries. Autopsy reports indicate Boyd died as a result of two gunshot wounds.

The case is expected to be presented by Polk County prosecutors to a grand jury that is investigating the incident on August 25.


  • James Hanson

    Ok so the cops beat some ladys door down and then went in and shot her dead? wow so where is the whole story WHO ? cops kill more people than people kill people? Okj why where the cops at her house? and why did they feel the need to enter a private home and why did they shoot a civilian dead in her home when she was fine and alive with out them. where is the rest of this story?

    • BrutallyHonest

      I think i read in a previous article that she was suicidle, which then brings the questoin as to why they used the force they did to enter the home versus having an experienced negotiator on the scene to talk her down. Just another case of Ankeny police using excessive force, which they will get away with.

      • Miranda S.

        Yeah, because every negotiator is able to talk down every person they speak to! Only because the last two incidents involving negotiators failed and both the subjects were killed. All the while lets allow a suicidal person run around inside a house, possible shooting out the windows to take out as many people as they can before being stopped. Because that’s never happened before… right?

    • Ankeny Resident

      This was a leading story the moment it happened. Police responded to the home based upon a call of a suicidal person with a gun. They entered the home and encountered the woman, who had a firearm, who pointed it at an officer who then shot her. What’s new with the story today is that she had a .145 BAC.

      As to why they likely didn’t bring in a negotiator is that according to a neighbor interviewed for the original story, the home is across the street from a park which had several people including children present since this happened around 5:30pm.

  • William Denison

    If this woman would of been given the chance to self medicate using marijuana instead of alcohol she would still be alive today and a police force would not of had to use deadly force. Her blood is on the hands of all those who oppose the legal sale of marijuana in this state.

    • Mike Cee

      Willie, your remarks are certainly good for a laugh. Why anyone needs mind altering drugs is unfathomable, but you are certainly proof of why they all should be outlawed. Just look at what years and years of dope has done to your perception of reality.

    • Justice

      Billy Boy, with what you just posted, now I get why you have so much time on your hands typing idiotic posts to every news story.

    • Sam

      Yeah because drugs make everything better! Lets all do drugs and not do anything! Yah Drugs! Lets legalize all drugs and do nothing but take drugs all the time… Sorry I just can’t sound that stupid and pull it off. Maybe because I don’t do drugs. Look up the stories in Colorado of the people killing others and themselves all high on marijuana. It doesn’t help anything, just makes things worse. Do the state a favor and move. Well gain 20 more IQ points overall.

    • Dan

      Get over your childish pettiness, just because they wrote you a speeding ticket once. Ignorant comments like this make everyone mad.

    • Not A Cop or a Cops Relative

      Why should anything happen to the police? The woman was waving a gun. The officers asked her to put it down. She threatened them with it.
      What if the police had NOT responded to the call about a woman with a gun and she had murdered some of the children in the park across the street from where she was? THEN you’d be b*tching about how the Ankeny cops are too lazy and not aggressive enough. There are some people who are too lazy and chicken sh*t to be cops, but, not matter what actions law enforcement takes, they will berate them and second guess them. F*ckin’ arm chair quarterbacks! It’s easy to sit in your house and say ‘they should have done this, they shouldn’t have done that’ AFTER the situation is over and YOU weren’t involved.

  • OldDoc

    Suicidal women with a semiauto hand gun. Women rarely used the gun on themselves, their most common course of suicide is drugs or asphyxiation. If they have a gun they are looking for suicide by cop. Unless the family can talk them down before the confront someone with the gun, they will start shooting until they get shot. Once she confronted the LEO pointing a gun at them, the only question she wanted answered was were they going to make her take innocent civilians or officers along with her.

  • Dean

    Why is that that every time we have a shooting, all of the Monday morning quarterbacks have all of the answers? As the father of two sons who are Police Officers, I am speaking from an intimate knowledge of what really goes on when the police are called to a situation and then most of the time have to make life or death split second decisions that affect them and the person they are dealing with, sometimes for life. Now first of all, the police were called to this house or they would not have been there. Second, when someone is ordered to drop their weapon or they are tased and the taser has no effect on them, they have one thing in mind………They plan to go home to their family after the shift is over and when they are threatened with a vehicle, a gun, a knife, a club or anything else that could kill them, they are trained to neutralize the threat (for the politically correct) or take the threat out of commission, or kill them. Now that brings up another subject I read all of the time and it makes me sick. Why didn’t the cop shoot them in the leg or the arm or some other non-lethal spot. Again I re-emphasize, just put yourself in the officer’s shoes for one minute. Most of you critics would wilt like a flower. The officer has to make a life or death decision in a couple of seconds where the public, the lawyers, the judge or the jury has weeks and sometimes months to analyze the situation and criticize or convict the officer. Go ride along with an officer on one of their shifts and your eyes would be opened.

    • Justice

      Good post, Dean. I see that you are concerned about your two sons all of the time, as I would be too in your situation. It is a shame that there are few bad cops out there that give reputations to the good cops. I think the majority of them are good.

    • Carrie

      Very well said Dean. Bless the brave officers who protect us all. Sad situation and I will be praying for all of those involved.

    • Sally

      Dean, thank your sons for keeping my sons safe! It is a shame that there are those that will second guess any move a police officer makes. I think THOSE people need to move to another country that really IS a police state and the ‘law’ or ‘government’ can come right into your house any time you want. I think they would appreciate what they have a little more.

  • guest

    why didnt they call mobile crisis unit, (thats what their for) instead of breaking down the door and killing the woman

    • Sarah

      Mobile crisis unit to an armed subject? Put down the pot, it’s truly making you stupid. They didn’t kill her. She killed herself. She made them shoot.

  • Dan

    Did she shoot out the window? No. Did she shoot at the cops? No. Did she make threats to anyone? Apparently not. Could the cops evacuate the park? Yes. Did they? No. Could they have waited? Looks like a yes. Did they? No. Let’s break down the door and get the action going. Not looking like the best police work out there.
    I know all police officers are the best of the best. They always use the best judgement. They save our lives every day. Every one of them. Isn’t that like saying all priests are good with children? All fast food workers are polite. You always get service with a smile too right?
    I think they should have tried a little harder to talk her down.

    • Cops aren't always the bad guy, sometimes the bad guy is.

      Oh, you were there Dan? You know they didn’t try anything non-violent? Just busted down her door and killed her cuz that’s what they like to do? WHO LIKES the controversy. That is why their articles are always missing so many facts. the woman threatened the cops with a gun. Get out of your Mom’s basement and live life a little. The woman wanted to die. She was drunk, waving a gun, and also not using the best judgement. I commend the police for not allowing anyone else to get hurt by this woman. She had to be doing something pretty noticeable to have someone else call her in.

    • OldDoc

      Dan When someone has a gun pointed at your or your family with their finger on the trigger, would you try to “talk them down”?

  • Kathy

    She got what she had coming to her.

    You point a handgun/long gun at police officer, expect to be shot.

    Tragic, though not a surprising outcome

  • Patty Morton

    I have known Denise for many years. Used to be my neighbor. All these crude comments sicken me. Denise had alcohol in her system at the time this horrible incident happened, but I know her very well an she was not a “wacko” or “alcoholic”. You all don’t know all the details and is really for you to judge? Come on people. When my parents were dying I could not have asked for a kinder, supportive, and giving friend and neighbor. My mother has Alzheimer’s an Muscular Dystrophy and she did more things (without being asked) for my mother than you could count. She had a heart of gold. Please don’t make her sound like a crazy vicious alcoholic waving a gun around. You don’t even know her…. Be respectful of her family who are left behind to grieve. IF she truly started to raise the gun then so be it, but no sense in making such strong comments. If it were a friend or family member of yours you might not be so harsh. RIP Denise. I will always remember your kindness, support, and friendship. I’m not saying what she did was right; just saying please don’t say things when you don’t know her or all the circumstances. Let God be the judge.

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