Possible Horse Neglect Cases in Lucus County Being Investigated

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CHARITON, Iowa - The Animal Rescue League says it is investigating two possible cases of animal neglect in Lucas County.

Both cases involve horses. The ARL says several dozen appear to be malnourished and suffering from hair loss which can point to parasites or fungus. ARL’s executive director, Tom Colvin, says the condition of the horses are concerning.

“When you see ribs and some other things like lack of fat along the hipbones, along the back and those types of things then you’re concerned.”

The ARL is assisting the with Lucas County Sheriff’s office in the investigations. The rescue organization suggests the farmers take the animals to the veterinarian but one refused.

If you think an animal is being neglected report it immediately to local law enforcement or the ARL’s cruelty intervention hotline at 515 – 284 - 6905

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