ISU Task Force Sending VEISHEA Report to President Leath

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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University president Steven Leath will receive a final report from a VEISHEA task force Friday, but it could still be some time before the report is made public.

Leath formed the task force after this year's VEISHEA ended with violence. The week-long celebration was canceled after just a few days when a riot broke out in Campustown.

A dozen people were arrested, including former ISU football player David Irving.

Another former Cyclone player, Jeff Woody, was among those on the task force. He can't tell us what the group's final recommendations will be. But he can tell us what won't be in the report.

“We wouldn't do it due justice if we didn't consider it,” says Woody "I will say that that wasn't one of our recommendations was to cancel the entire thing."

We do know one thing that will be in the report. The name VEISHEA will no longer be used.

There is no word when the full report will be made public.

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