Amputee Golf Tournament Tees Off in West Des Moines


WEST DES MOINES, Iowa - Amputees in Iowa are gathering on the golf course this weekend.

The Iowa Amputee Golf Association’s 23rd annual tournament kicked off Friday at Willow Creek Golf Course. Both lower- and upper-body amputees participate in the tournament each year, and the association says it usually gathers around 65 golfers.

The purpose of the tournament is to bring Iowans going through similar challenges together through the sport of golf, encouraging education and rehabilitation both mentally and physically .

“It’s as much mental rehab as it is physical rehab,” said Nick Ackerman, a golfer and double-amputee. “And a lot of these folks have been amputated for a long time, and they just enjoy the game of golf.”

The association raises money from the tournament for scholarships it awards to amputees and their families. The competition is ongoing through Sunday.

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