Iowa Supreme Court Rules Solar Power Project Can Move Forward

DES MOINES, Iowa — Solar energy advocates are celebrating a ruling by the Iowa Supreme Court.

The four-to-two decision will allow Eagle Point Solar to install a solar energy system on a building owned by the city of Dubuque and sell all the electricity produced to the city. The court ruled Eagle Point Solar is not a public utility and is not barred from serving customers, like the city, who are located in the exclusive service territory of another electric utility.

Bigger energy companies like MidAmerican Energy and Interstate Power have criticized such arraignments. They argued the law gives them exclusive rights to sell electricity in defined territories.

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  • Troy Hendrickson

    Choke on it Mid American, in fact let’s take some of the welfare you’ve been stealing from the tax payers and use it boost these kind of solar installations and bust up your cushy stranglehold.

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