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Utah’s Way of Restocking Lakes Gives New Meaning to Fly Fishing

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UTAH – A Utah fish hatchery has come up with a novel way to restock remote lakes that’s putting a new meaning to fly fishing.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources flies several planes over hard to reach areas dropping fish.

Up to a thousand fish come out of a compartment at the bottom of the aircraft. But they don’t always make it into the water alive.

“They kind of flutter down, so they don’t impact very hard, they flutter with the water and they do really well,” Ted Hallows, who supervises a state hatchery, told affiliate KSTU.

Hallows recorded it using a GoPro attached to the plane.

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  • BrutallyHonest

    If the areas are so remote and hard to get to, then i would think very few people are fishing in them. Why are they spending the money to stock them with fish?

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