Local Protesters Gather at Urbandale Hobby Lobby


Hobby Lobby, an Oklahoma based craft store with two Des Moines area locations remains under fire.

It comes after the Supreme Court ruled the company and other family owned businesses don’t have to cover contraception for employees that may impose on the owner’s religious beliefs.

Saturday, a group of about 15 protesters gathered outside of the store’s Urbandale location.

They held signs and handed out information sheets to customers as they walked into the store.

On its website, Hobby Lobby says it covers 16 FDA approved forms of birth control.

Protesters say the company should be required to cover all forms.

“Employees earn their benefits. They pay for their benefits. They should as citizens be able to make their own health care decisions on how they want to use their health care dollars,” said Marti Doyle, a protester.

Hobby Lobby explains its stance on the company website. To see it, click the link.



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