Three Arrested After Des Moines Police Officers Assaulted

3_mug_moralesDES MOINES, Iowa – Two Des Moines police officers were hurt over the weekend while working off-duty.

The incident happened at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday at the American Legion Hall at 3712 Second Avenue.

Lt. Cynthia Donahue and Lt. Tony Knox attempted to break up the fight between three men. A suspect knocked Donahue to the ground three times. Knox was also punched by a suspect in the head and face, the police report showed.

Donahue called for help and used pepper spray on the three men.

Jose Morales-Ramirez, 23, Jean Morales-Ramirez, 19, and Jose Morales, 42, were all taken into custody. They face a series of charges including assault on a peace officer.


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