New Bids Sought for Johnston High School Project, Schedule Extended

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JOHNSTON, Iowa -- Plans to build a new high school and football stadium in Johnston are hitting a snag.

Only one construction company submitted a bid to complete the project. Knutson Construction Services said it would do the job for $78.3 million, that's $8 million over budget.

The school board met in a special session Tuesday to reject that bid and re-start the bidding process.

The superintendent says feedback from the company was that the 23-month construction schedule the district wanted was just too quick.

The new bids will come in for a 32-month schedule, pushing the project's completion date back by nine months.

“I think it's timing. The economy is on the upswing, there's not a lot of people looking for work and in bids my understanding is because of the short window there's a lot of overtime built in to account for some of the extra cost in the budget,” says Johnston Schools superintendent Corey Lunn.

August 7th is now the bidding deadline. The board will meet on August 11th to decide whether or not to approve a bid that's submitted.

The district is still hopeful construction on the project will begin in September.