Jury Seated in Third Techel Murder Trial

techel_sethDAVENPORT, Iowa – A jury has been selected as part of Seth Techel’s third murder trial.

Techel is accused of shooting and killing his pregnant wife, Lisa, at their home in Wapello County in 2012.

Techel has pleaded not guilty with his defense arguing the gunman could have been the couple’s now deceased neighbor.

Two previous trials have both ended in hung juries.

This trial is being held in Davenport.

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  • Josh Bethune

    Seth Techel is guilty. He took criminal justice which in turn taught him what the cops would look for at the scene and basically how to cover himself to hide evidence of what he had done. He knew exactly how to kill his wife and baby and get away with it. I hope they convict him this time around. He is guilty as all get out. Nobody else could have done this except for him. I can’t see a man next door with emphysema going into the house and killing one person then running back to the house. Seth Techel is guilty.

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