Plan to House Undocumented Children in Iowa Scrapped

CLARINDA, Iowa — A group foster home for children in Iowa has dropped its plans to provide housing for dozens of undocumented children who cross into the U.S. illegally.

The Des Moines Register reports that Sequel Youth and Family Services, the company that runs the Clarinda Academy, had planned to bring as many as 48 undocumented children to Iowa.

Thousands of children who cross the border alone are being housed at crowded centers in border states.

A spokesman for the Clarinda Academy says it canceled its plans to welcome the children to Iowa after meeting with state officials.

The Governor’s Office says the governor wasn’t part of those meetings. However, Monday he made it clear that he does not want undocumented children coming to Iowa.

“Just because we’re an empathetic and supportive country doesn’t mean that we can take everybody,” says Branstad.

The Clarinda Academy is housed on the same grounds as the Clarinda Correctional Facility.

Members of Branstad’s administration, we are told, were concerned about the kids being kept close to hundreds of adult inmates.


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