Plan to House Undocumented Children in Iowa Scrapped

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CLARINDA, Iowa — A group foster home for children in Iowa has dropped its plans to provide housing for dozens of undocumented children who cross into the U.S. illegally.

The Des Moines Register reports that Sequel Youth and Family Services, the company that runs the Clarinda Academy, had planned to bring as many as 48 undocumented children to Iowa.

Thousands of children who cross the border alone are being housed at crowded centers in border states.

A spokesman for the Clarinda Academy says it canceled its plans to welcome the children to Iowa after meeting with state officials.

The Governor’s Office says the governor wasn’t part of those meetings. However, Monday he made it clear that he does not want undocumented children coming to Iowa.

“Just because we’re an empathetic and supportive country doesn’t mean that we can take everybody,” says Branstad.

The Clarinda Academy is housed on the same grounds as the Clarinda Correctional Facility.

Members of Branstad’s administration, we are told, were concerned about the kids being kept close to hundreds of adult inmates.


  • plynitsafe

    Send Them back to there Parents !! Once in the Country .. Is Our States? You are allowing there Parents to come Next !!! This is the Plan of the Drug Cartels. Can’t anyone Open there eyes? It is a Loop Hole that the Country has found. CLOSE IT !!

  • Dan

    With Obama’s pen he’s so proud of, he could close that border today. It’s not going to happen. Send those people packing, when they cross ask where they are from and put them on a bus back. Toss em a sandwich and say have a good day. The Obama games are gettin old. Propose a bill with money but nothing about shutting the border down. Gee why won’t anybody sign it, it’s all their fault. Good job on Terry’s part.

  • Mike Cee

    It’s not a matter of being uncaring or not sympathetic to the problems of these kids. It’s a matter of being able to afford to house, feed, raise, educate and medicate them. We simply can’t afford to do so; we the taxpayers are stretched beyond the limit as it is.

    We’ve sent millions and millions of dollars in aid to most of the countries who are now sending their kids to us, not only taxpayer dollars but millions upon millions from non profit organizations and religious groups. In most cases it’s had little or no impact other than to make the corrupt thugs running these countries richer.

    If volunteers want to step up and offer to take some of the children into their own homes and families, and agree pay for the care, education and feeding of them out of their own pocket, then I think that’s a fantastic idea. If the government is willing to cut other entitlements and programs in order to provide funds for the care and feeding of some of these kids, then I think that could also work. But we the taxpayers, as the minority in this country, can no longer afford to be the sole bearer of the financial burden that is so easily imposed by others who don’t have to pay the price.

  • Dan

    I find it very hypocritical that liberals find it so easy to let in and disperse thousands of illegal immigrants in the US for humanitarian reasons when a number are affiliate with extremely violent gangs such as MS13. I bet where they recruit they’ll definitely obey “gun free zones”.

    Even more deafeningly silent is the liberal base for the treatment of women in middle eastern countries. That is a true humanitarian cause. Women getting forcibly married at pre-teen ages to older men and then beaten, raped and mutilated if they ever try to get an education.

    There’s a solution for the crisis, but it is definitely not granting mass amnesty and sending these illegal aliens to all corners of the US.

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