Governor Kicks Off Sweet Corn Season

DES MOINES, Iowa- Governor Terry Branstad officially ushered in the 2014 Sweet Corn season in Iowa during WHO Radio’s Big Show Wednesday.  Fresh picked sweet corn from Deardorff’s in Adel was cooked and served on the west steps of the State Capitol Building.

The Governor said he has eaten sweet corn his whole life, saying he loves to promote Iowa sweet corn. “Of course we have a lot of great products in Iowa, but sweet corn this time of year when it is fresh out the field, that is something that is a real treat,” said Branstad.

WHO Big Show Host Bob Quinn said,  “We’re celebrating the first day of the sweet corn season, actually it’s about two weeks past the first day.”  Quinn said sweet corn is something we do well here in Iowa.  “Peaches and Cream sweet corn and a day like today…whoo-ee! what says Iowa better than that?”

The sweet corn lunch was served to the Governor’s staff and Agriculture Department officials. This is an annual event for the past several years. The Deardorff sweet corn harvest started late last week.

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    • Get Realistic

      It’s sad that this type of poster makes up too much of our voting population, uneducted on the issues and spitefull. Try and be constuctive. If you have valid points make them. If you’re going to be a jerk, now one wants to hear from you. You are disgusting and part of the problem in this country!

      • William Denison

        I’m so very sorry I’ve upset you……no not really lol If you do not like what I post pass by my post and go on to the next one. Maybe you can find one from some sheep that thinks and acts like you. Don’t hate me and I won’t hate you just who you support.

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