Secretary of State: Hundreds of Registered Voters Could be Dead

DES MOINES, Iowa- Over a thousand Iowans are registered to vote who could possibly be dead.

The Iowa Secretary of State is asking county auditors to check their lists for deceased voters.

The auditors will double check the information before removing any of the 1,234 names.

“It’s important that our voter lists are accurate and this routine check of information in the Social Security Death Index will help county auditors determine which voters are deceased and should no longer be on the voting rolls,” Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz said in a statement.

Social security is in charge of keeping a death index.

Polk, Muscatine and Linn counties had the highest number of people to check on.


  • Sam

    Aw, gee, William, right. We all know that there is no voter fraud anywhere. Ever been a poll watcher on election day? Without checking records, it’s easy to see what’s going on. Dead people have been voting in droves in the state next door for years. What planet do you live on? THANK YOU, MATT SCHULTZ, for having the courage to take the liars and cheaters on. And William, it’s you and your friends that always protest so vehemently about it. Honest people know why. Without duplicate and dead voters, your side loses.

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