Testimony in Third Seth Techel Murder Trial Begins

DAVENPORT, Iowa — After two hung juries, the family of Lisa Techel hopes the third trial will yield a guilty verdict. Testimony began Tuesday in the murder trial of Seth Techel.

“He shot her with a twelve gauge shot gun it was basically a deer slug and her baby’s life was ended at the same time,” says Tracy Caldwell, Lisa’s mother.

Lisa Techel was five-months pregnant when she was shot and killed at her home in Agency in 2012. Her husband, Seth, is charged with first degree murder and nonconsensual termination of a fetus.

The juries failed to reach a verdict in the first two trials.

The third trial is taking place in Scott County because of pretrial publicity.

Lisa’s family members say they are again forced to cope with the horrible loss

“You relive that day every single time and so it’s like picking at a scab, you can’t heal from it,” says Caldwell.

Seth Techel has maintained his innocence. He was the one who called 911 and says a disturbed former neighbor could have been the one who killed Lisa.

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