Drug Charges Dropped Against Parents of Man Who Said He Grew Pot to Treat Cancer

DAVENPORT, Iowa — The Scott County Attorney’s Office has dropped drug charges against the elderly parents of an eastern Iowa man who claimed he was growing marijuana to treat his cancer.

Chuck and Dottie Mackenzie each faced charges of gathering for use of marijuana and gathering for use of drugs. One of the charges was a felony. An order to dismiss those charges was filed July 15th.

Their son, Benton, was growing marijuana on his parents farm.

Benton is a stage four cancer patient and says he was making cannabis oil to shrink tumors that are attacking his body. He, his wife, and son were all convicted of drug charges last week.

His parents say those charges should have been dropped as well.

Here we are a law-abiding family, minding our own business, we weren’t bothering anybody. We were letting Ben treat his cancer with an unconstitutionally illegal herb,” says Dottie.

Benton Mackenzie and his wife and son will be sentenced next month.

He was not allowed to argue his cannabis oil defense during his trial because Iowa law doesn’t recognize it as a treatment for cancer.


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