Two Health Product Companies Barred From Calling Iowans

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DES MOINES, Iowa - Two Las Vegas-based health companies are now barred from telemarketing their products to Iowans, Attorney General Tom Miller said in a news conference Thursday.

Americare Inc. and Au Naturale Health Solutions, two unrelated companies, each made telemarketing calls to elderly Iowans claiming their products, including a "spray" and a "phytoplankton pill", could cure diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. Undercover phone line recordings were played at the news conference, showing telemarketers persuading Iowans to spend up to $129 per bottle with one company and $249 per bottle with the other for their products.

In court documents filed in Polk County District Court, Miller requested and was granted by a judge an injunction barring the companies from doing business in the state. Miller called these types of fraudulent product claims to be the "most egregious" because often these consumers were clinging to their last threads of hope in healing their own or their relatives' diseases.

Miller urged Iowa consumers to report suspicious claims on health products, either via a telemarketer or on the shelf at a nutrition store, as his office will do all they can to protect citizens from fraudulent claims.


  • Randy Graven

    these kinds of trash should not only be barred from doing business they should be put out of business, their assets confiscated and the perpetrators sent to prison

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