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Protest and Arrest, Local Latinos Planning Immigration Rally in D.C

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DES MOINES, Iowa - A group of Iowans traveling to Washington D.C are going in hopes of getting arrested.

Pastor Alejandro Alfaro – Santiz organized congregation members from Las Americas United Methodist Church and community members to make the trip to the White House to rally against deportation, something that has taken several members away from his church.

“They are going to commit civil disobedience and be arrested to put the spotlight on the immigration issue and ask the president to put a stop on deportation.”

The group of nine will leave for D.C at the end of the month. Before leaving, they launched a social media slogan called, “#IowaIsWelcoming,” to counter act Governor Branstad’s comment alluding illegal immigrants aren’t welcomed in Iowa.

Alfaro – Santiz says the Governor’s unwelcoming stance on immigration contrasts the friendly nature of Iowa.

“We want to show a message to Iowa that we are welcoming people.”

A sendoff for the group is Monday at 7pm at Las Americas United Methodist Church in Des Moines.


  • Debbie

    Pastor Alejandro Alfaro – Santiz we all know its been if one can get here you can stay here (for most) for years! Why are you yelling about just 3 countries? There are countless people in war torn, poverty stricken countries who have been waiting years to come to the U.S. legally. It’s wrong to award people who abuse the system.

  • Nancy

    We’ll be calling Branstad’s office in our support of the Governor’s decision Monday. the Millers, family of Democrats

  • Dan

    I think they should walk it, it’s about the same distance, show they care and all. That would really send a message if they walked it all. And then we could see if they show up out there in clean clothes, like they do at the border.

  • Next

    any time someone wants something, they just say ‘I’m like Martin Luther King, and anyone who disagrees with me is a racist!’

    frankly, I doubt MLK himself would have approved of it

  • whatever

    i back gov brandstad. WE DON’T WANT THEM HERE THEY ARE NOT WELCOME! this is not fair to us or anyone. they need to come to this country legally then they are welcomed.

  • No way Jose!

    Ask all the naturalized who waited their turn to become American citizens – how they feel about these illegals getting entrance and amnesty? I have not met one who feels this is fair to them let alone the rest of us who have ties back to Jamestown.

    If we STOP THE AID TO CENTRAL AMERICA the flow will stop immediately. Plus, MEXICO does not deserve our aid since the govt refuses to release Tamoorhessi!

  • Patty

    “Show a message to Iowa that they are welcoming” Really! Then welcome them here LEGALLY! They rob this country of the benefits that citizens have worked their whole lives for and LEGALLY. I have no problem with anyone coming to America, but do it LEGALLY and pay your fair share of taxes!

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