The Insiders: Congressional Candidate Staci Appel

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It is the issue gripping our country - what to do with tens of thousands of children brought to the United States illegally.  It is also bringing political rhetoric between elected officials and those trying to get to elected office.

Channel 13's Dave Price talks to a Democrat in Iowa's closest watched congressional race.  Former State Senator Staci Appel from Ackworth makes her first appearance on The Insiders and she tells Dave how she plans to solve this immigration issue.

For part 2, click here.

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  • Right Wing Patriot

    You’ve got to be kidding me….ANSWER the questions! She is doing the Ali ‘rope – a – dope’. She is clearly in over her head with the evasive and tepid responses. Also, Dave…be more assertive with your questions…it’s as if you are afraid to ask her a tough question. Ask the tough quetion like the late great Tim Russert. He didn’t care what party a person belonged to.

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