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Few Veterans Finding Jobs Under Iowa Plan So Far

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Governor Branstad remarking on the progress of his Home Base Iowa initiative (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa – Iowa Governor Terry Branstad counted 23 veterans who have found jobs so far under his new Home Base Iowa, he said Monday.

The plan allows private companies to give hiring preference to veterans as a way to help them re-enter the workforce and encourage them to live in Iowa.

Branstad said, “Remember this just started. It was signed on Memorial Day. We’re only a month and a half into it. But it’s been extremely well-received.”

He said 86 veterans have signed up for the program, which he estimated had 35-40 businesses taking part.

Home Base Iowa is part of an overall package passed in the legislature this past session that tries to connect veterans with jobs, makes military pensions exempt from state taxes, encourages state licensing boards to take into account skills veterans acquired from the military and requires higher learning institutions to report to lawmakers how they award academic credit for military experience.

Here is more information on Home Base Iowa. 

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  • Ishmale Whale

    In the past, being a veteran was honorable, now many businesses are anti war, anti military, and anti veteran. They don’t want to deal with issues of war injuries or PTSD.
    I am a veteran and remember when a possible employer learned of military service, you were moved to the top of the list. These days, if your military, your seen as a liability or unwanted depending on the company politics.

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