RAGBRAI Heating Up as Temperatures Soar

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OKOBOJI, Iowa - Monday will be a major adjustment for RAGBRAI cyclists and Iowans in general. In the last week Iowa has gone from lows in the upper 40s to a heat index that will feel like 100 degrees.

The ride itself isn’t the only concern for people participating in RAGBRAI. It’s also what happens in between the rides. The mixture of alcohol and sleeping in tents during hot weather like this can also lead to further dehydration.

The good news, Monday’s ride won’t be nearly as long as Sunday's. Cyclists will bike more than 40 miles climbing nearly 1,100 feet. However, Tuesday will be a different story with the heat advisory and the rough ride. Tuesday is the longest route for RAGBRAI at 73 miles.

RAGBRAI does provide water along the routes; however officials say cyclists should not depend on just these stations to stay hydrated. The hydration stations are located about every seven miles along the routes.