Workout of the Week: Stroll Fit

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- These moms fine-tune their strollers like any athlete cares for their equipment.

"Before I was a mom, I was a teacher and a fitness instructor," says Sara Albright.

Then, her son Elliot came along and everything changed.

"I went to work all day and didn’t want to go to the gym and leave my child.  I wanted to hang out with him, but I still had that need," says Albright, referring to her need for exercise.

She filled that need with Stroll Fit, a program made for moms.

"They needed a way to get back into fitness, because once you have a baby, everything changes."

Soon, other moms, like Melissa O'Connor joined Sarah for workouts with their little ones.

"It was just a really good re-entry into fitness because it was tailored to include my family," says O'Connor.  "So I didn’t have to spend time away from them."

The kids tag along on their bikes or in their strollers, but that doesn't mean this workout is child's play.

"It’s hard," says O'Connor, sweat dripping from her forehead.

Albright combines stairs and sprints with squats and c-sits.  Her commands sound like they're coming from a drill sergeant, not a mom.

"Come on, pick it up!"

Yes, it's hard, but so is parenting - and Stroll Fit helps with that too.

"The atmosphere is conducive to loving your children even more and doing something for yourself at the same time and sharing with other moms is always helpful," says O'Connor.

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"I tell my kids that, when they’re like, 'Are we exercising again?' I say, 'Yeah, because it makes me a better mom,'" says Albright.



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  • Rebecca Hergert

    My husband & I don’t have any kids or grandkids.
    But I wouldn’t recommend running with a stroller with your kid in it.
    Accidents can happen, playing around with a stroller, like falling, especially when it’s wet out there!!

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