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Dashcam, 911 Call of Police Pursuit Released

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URBANDALE, Iowa - The Polk County Sheriff's Office has released the 911 call about an erratic driver running red lights and swerving all over the road on Highway 141 Monday. Dashcam of the incident has also been made public.

Caller: He's over the yellow line again going towards the median and he's over the center line now, and we're going towards a bridge.

Caller: He was swerving towards the bridge. I thought he was going to hit it.

Caller: Now he's over the center line, going all the way to the right, going up the gravel, almost hit the gravel.

Two deputies caught up with Steven Schulte, 24, but couldn't get him to stop. With the help of a state trooper, they eventually got him boxed in on 100th Street in Urbandale.

After getting him out of the car, a reserve deputy's gun fired. The dashcam video shows the bullet hitting the passenger side door.

No one was injured.

Authorities say a medical condition may have sparked the incident and no charges are being filed.


  • Maverick76

    I wonder what affliction could make one so oblivious to the obvious about what is going on around them. This reminds me of an old roommate who had severe narcolepsy and drove asleep half the time. Though he did know what he was doing once he woke. Like the cop’s reaction when the gun fires.. It was obviously an accident.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    I believe it was a diabetic episode, which would explain the drivers behavior pretty well.

    On the other hand, the more serious problem is a rent a cop with a gun posing a clear and immediate threat to the people around him, and we have yet to hear that Barney Fife has been relieved of his position.

  • Questions need answered

    How does he know how to dodge traffic, but yet he’s oblivious to the fact that police are chasing him? I can understand a medical issue in some instances, but this guy knew to switch over to the northbound lane at Plum Drive by seeing the traffic cones. How can he not realize how to stop the vehicle when police are in pursuit? He realized the other cars he nearly hit, but also dodged them.

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