An Iowa Insider’s Challenge for the Candidates

One of the “most interesting races to watch.” That is how longtime Iowa Democratic activist Jerry Crawford describes the state’s battle for the Third Congressional District between Staci Appel and David Young.

The two candidates come to this race from different pasts. Appel, the former one-term state senator from Ackworth, joined the race even before longtime Republican Congressman Tom Latham announced he wouldn’t run again.

Young quit his job as Republican Senator Chuck Grassley’s longtime chief of staff to join a crowded party field of candidates after Latham went public with his decision to retire.

Appel didn’t have to worry about a heated primary. Young finished fifth in his party’s primary, but eventually won the nomination in a district convention, after no candidates earned the minimum 35% support on primary night.

The race between Appel and Young could get much national attention and money as both parties see a chance to win the seat.

Crawford pitched an idea to help Iowa voters get to know the candidates. “I’d like to see the two of them go around the district and make joint appearances…like 15 or 20 of them,” Crawford challenged. “Flesh out their ideas,” he added.

We will let you know the campaigns’ responses to the idea.

By the numbers from the secretary of state’s office, Republicans have an 11,000 in party registration edge in the district.



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