City to Study Ways to Make Ames’ Campustown Safer for Bicyclists

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AMES, Iowa — City officials in Ames are trying to address concerns about bike safety in a problematic section of Lincoln Way, between Howard and Lynn avenues

Businesses have complained that bicyclists are riding on sidewalks and causing problems with their customers. Cyclists argue they aren’t sure where they’re supposed to be riding.

The plan would have one lane of travel in each direction painted green to signify shared use between bikes and vehicles.

The city must apply to the Federal Highway Administration and receive approval before starting the project.

Among other changes, leaders are also looking into adding a short bike lane on Welch Avenue. Parking would be removed on the east side of the street in the 200 block of Welch, where the bike lane would be added.

City workers will collect information about cost and feasibility and bring that to the city council at a future date to determine if the projects will move forward.