Fired Newton Newspaper Editor Files Discrimination Charge

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- A local newspaper editor, fired after he made anti-gay comments on his personal blog, now says the paper is trampling on his constitutional rights. "It wasn't for publication," explained former Newton Daily News editor Bob Eschilman, "It was for a personal blog that maybe 30 people a day were looking at. Mainly family and friends."

So Eschilman is filing a complaint with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, "For me this is not even close to hate speech. What this is is that we need more speech, not less speech," says Eschilman's attorney, Matthew Whitaker, "I think Bob was expressing his deeply held religious beliefs, which are mainstream Christian beliefs, quite frankly. And that that is what is protected."

ISU Journalism Department head Michael Bugeja says, while journalists have a right to their opinions, voicing those opinions can carry consequences. "You do have the right to express your ideas and to express them even if they're unpopular. But you also must take the consequences of that expression," he explains.

The company that runs the paper is not commenting, but in a May editorial explained Eschliman was fired because his public airing of his opinion, “Compromised the reputation of this newspaper and his ability to lead it."



  • William Denison

    Bob Eschliman has shown himself to be not only to be a complete slob but a greedy coward as well. He hides behind a cult to freely spread his hate and fear and now he wants to cash in on it using that hate and fear from fellow cult members. Bob Eschliman is one of the lowest forms of pig waste this state has ever smelled or ever seen. Who by the way told his attorney Matt Whitaker is was alright to leave the Adams family mansion? You people are freaks!

  • Troy Hendrickson

    My religious beliefs state that false christians like Mr. Whitaker and Eschliman should be taken to the city gates and stoned under the laws of God, thank you for defending my right to express that Mr. Whitaker.

    • Justice

      Bob, before we know it, Troy, Bill, and Tom will all 3 be able to marry. It is much better to ignore laws than follow them, right? It is much better to allow courts to make laws than the legislature, right? I am sure that is what our founding fathers expected when they wrote the Constitution of the United States of America. I am sure that is what my ancestors fought for during the Revolutionary War. Sure makes me proud to be an American, doesn’t it you?

      • Justice

        Thanks, bill, looking forward to it…you troll. What a shame you have no idea what this country was truly based upon.

      • William Denison

        Based on hypocrisy??? I can assure you I’ve done more for this country in my life then you have done in your dreams.

      • Troy Hendrickson

        By the way, according to history, our country was founded on certain principles concerning true liberty for all human beings, in practice, it grew as a result of treachery, deceit and genocide.

    • William Denison

      I have my eye on your wife and a 18 pack of Old Milwaukee. Beer first, your wife second .Then about a week of regret and blood tests.🙂

  • Peggy

    His former employer got him on his unprofessionalism. Like the Des Moines Register would excuse this from one of their employees?

  • Jacob

    Why is it considered hateful to simply disagree with homosexuality? Its kinda funny that its hate speech if your a christian who simply expresses your disagreement with homosexuality yet when Athiests full on assault any measure of christian virtue in the civil arena we never accuse them of hate speech simply because the constitution guarantees them the right to express their disagreement without being harassed or punished. Free speech in this nation seems ok only if you never mention God, Jesus Christ or quote Holy Scripture or disagree with the mainstream view of life. How hypocritical and how sad! The question is where do we draw the line with free speech and with marriage. With marriage the bible tells us the line is drawn at one man and one woman by design by God. Its an inescapable fact of life in most species on this planet that don’t reproduce asexually that life survives and thrives through the male and female law of nature and of nature’s God. And as far as free speech goes the idea was fought for by our patriots against a tyrant who decided what was ok and not ok to say in this country. It seems that we have a tyrant again who will bypass us as well as those who represent us to accomplish his own interest while neglecting the consultation of the governed, That’s a Tyrant and he should be impeached for doing so! I don’t understand what everyone is so afraid of. We are not terrorists in fact most christians are non violent versus if anyone was to “disagree” with islamic terrorists you are at serious risk for losing your life, or the athiests who will sue you in court for just mentioning God out in public. Bob Eschilman is only trying to level the playing field because it is illegal to discriminate based on religious views. I know there are many who disagree with Christians but that does not mean we are not entitled to the same amount of free speech as the athiest or the homosexual or any other person. In fact christians and non christians even to this very moment are being killed on the front lines of battle to preserve that freedom for all those that disagree with there faith and are proud to serve (God bless our military and there families). My final point is free speech is for all not just the chosen few and should not be followed with retaliation by any government or private entity.As Martin Luther King said, “Injustice anywhere is Injustice everywhere!”

    • William Denison

      What is it you people [cult members] don’t understand? Its not that anyone is trying to take away your freedom of speech, its just that normal people don’t want to hear it. Go away.

      • Jacob

        That’s not true many want to hear and would actually like to have an intelligent discussion versus the patronizing nonsense of an individual who is so self absorbed by his own pride and is a slave of his own ignorance that he must have the intellect of a 4 year old child because I simply want to have a rational discussion instead of insults!

  • Richard Eisiminger

    Maybe I am missing something from my religion (Christianity) but I do not remember anywhere saying we should hate a group of people for who they are. People like this give Christian’s a bad name. Or maybe this means I’m not really a “true” Christian, since I do not hate and shun people because they are different then me?

  • Jacob

    I admit that his use of the word “gaystapo” is inappropriate but I agree with him that God’s word should not be rewritten to make it say what it does not. It is the word of God and says at the end of the book not to change it! I don’t hate homosexuals I love them in fact I have a few members of my immediate family who live that way and I love them no less and have expressed my disagreement with them with there life choices but still love and care for them regardless. I have even had homosexuals help me with my personal health and they were very kind and supportive and I to this day have tremendous love and respect for them for that even though I disagree with there lifestyle. I believe Christians are to love everyone as Jesus commands us to love our neighbor but not at the expense of compromising truth. Just because I don’t support the lifestyle of an individual known or unknown doesn’t mean I hate them. I don’t hate anyone but the devil who deceives, steals, kills and destroys and does everything in his power to separate us from God and salvation through His Son Jesus Christ! We need God in America Again!

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