Motion Filed to Dismiss Hedlund Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Against State

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A Polk County judge is considering a motion filed to dismiss a wrongful termination lawsuit against the state.

Former Division of Criminal Investigation agent Larry Hedlund filed the lawsuit saying his firing was retaliation for filing a complaint against Gov. Branstad’s driver for speeding.

The driver was clocked going 19 miles per hour above the speed limit but was not pulled over.

The Department of Public Safety says Hedlund was fired for insubordination and that it had nothing to do with the speeding incident.

It’s uncertain when the judge will issue a rulingĀ on the motion.


  • William Denison

    I hope Mr. Larry Hedlund knows regardless what the outcome of the judges ruling we the people of Iowa know the truth and are watching.

  • No More Tea Bags

    Mr. Hedlund was a stellar officer… one of the few I ever trusted. Brainsdead has already cost the taxpayers millions in lawsuits that he has lost, and is going to lose. I have a legal case going on that is in it’s 3rd year only because that crooked POS wants to punish a Directer that won’t resign, and the courts already found against him.
    Brainsdead is the same as the rest of the Republibag Party, Do whatever you can to win, either by hook or crook. I hope he gets burned, but it won’t matter to the cretinous rabble that votes for him.

      • No More Tea Bags

        Delbert/justnuts: A troll is someone that goes around making useless comments on others posts. I made my own post; to wit, you Trolled me.
        PLEEEEEZE keep showing us the mental genius that is the TEABUGGER Party! !nbred cretins, one and all.

  • fair

    fired Larry Hedlund was the right thing to do.He used his company car during his day off and vacation

    • Randy Graven

      If that was the reason for firing him they need to fire about half the state government too

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