AGRIBUSINESS: Highway Funds Running Out, Lawmakers Look At Short-Term

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Next month, the money that comes from the federal gas tax and provides 50 percent of state highway funding will run out. Before the summer break the House and Senate are scrambling to pass a short-term extension in the form of a House or Senate bill.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley plans to vote for the Senate bill. If that doesn't work he will vote for the House bill as a last resort. He explains there is a third, six year bill in the works, but it cannot get done in time.
"Since we need to keep the highway construction going, and have a policy we should do that now. The best way to do this would have been to pass a six year bill in the House Transportation committee. But our finance committee has not decided how to fund that six year bill. So we'll pass a short multi month extension, and work on that six year bill when we come back in the fall or early winter."

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