Classic Car Road Trip to Advocate for Historic Highway, Local Shops

DES MOINES, Iowa - If you're a classic car lover, there's still time to take part in a road trip across Iowa on Highway 6.

The drive isn't until October, but the Iowa U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association is trying to get the word out now. The goal of the three-day "River to River Retro Road Trip" is to raise awareness of the history of Route 6, and to support small mom-and-pop shops along the way.

"You can either come out and enjoy the parade of classic cars as they drive by, or you can join and have a blast and enjoy these little mom-and-pop shops along the way, all of which are unique and special in their own way," said David Darby, executive director of the association.

You can get more information and register for the road trip here.

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  • dimitri makedonsky

    Don’t forget the best stop along Highway 6 is the Ladora Bank Bistro. Stop-in and enjoy beers and wines from around the world along with an incredible “small plate” menu that offers unmatched ambiance and service! If you really want to support local businesses along the route, the bistro in Ladora is a must see!!!

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