RAGBRAI Riders Near End of Yearly Journey

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INDEPENDENCE, Iowa -- RAGBRAI riders are just one day away from the finish line.

Friday riders pedaled 67 miles, starting in Waverly and ending in Independence, the final overnight stop of the ride.

It was a stormy start to the day for riders, creating a business boom for towns along the way. The town of Tripoli was overrun with riders looking for rain gear and garbage bags to create makeshift ponchos. Thankfully things dried out by late morning.

Tomorrow's final stretch will take riders 69 miles from Independence to Guttenberg, where they’ll dip their front tires in the Mississippi River and bring an end to another year of RAGBRAI.

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  • Casey Simpson

    This was an awesome year. We had some high heat at the start of the week then insane rain/wind on Friday, however all in all it was a very nice ride. One thing I will comment however is that the choice of guttenberg for the final city was an extremely poor choice. That city was completely overwhelmed with traffic gridlock that likely is still there. Only a single road in and out of that town, and no one moved. It took us over 3.5 hours to get out of town this afternoon. The only people directing traffic was volunteers who had absolutely no clue what they were doing, way overwhelmed and we didn’t see a single local officer or state trooper during that entire 3.5 hour ordeal. By the time that we finally were able to get out and start climbing up the mountain, the traffic was still backed up 5 miles out with cars still trying to get into town. Clearly overwhelmed and incapable of handling the crowds of Ragbrai.

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