Teacher Accused of Assaulting Disabled Student Won’t Stand Trial

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DES MOINES, Iowa - A Des Moines teacher accused of assaulting an intellectually disabled student on two occasions will not stand trial.

Prosecutors dismissed charges against Anita Babe Friday morning.  Babe, a teacher at Hubbell Elementary, was accused of grabbing a 12-year-old hard enough to leave bruises on his arm for 13-days.

The boy's mother said prosecutors told her that Des Moines Police “did not investigate it properly”.

“It’s so confusing to me.  It’s so hard to understand why this happens and why they’re not doing anything about this,” the mother added.

A police spokesperson denies that.  Sgt. Jason Halifax said the department did everything it could.

Babe is on administrative leave.  The Des Moines School District would not comment, saying this is a personnel matter.  The Polk County Attorney and Babe’s attorney have yet to return our calls.

We’ll show you what a school investigator had to say about the assault allegations on the Channel 13 News at 5.


    • tammy

      There will be more kids stepping forward! Soon justice will be served! Not in this case…sadly…but praying the other investigations were done properly by the school& dmpd! If not… u kno someone paid someone off…#deeppockets!

  • Karen

    This is an awesome victory! She is an awesome educator, and took great interest in teaching my child for the last 2 years. Hope she is back in the classroom ASAP, so my last child can have the wonderful education my previous child has had with Ms. Babe.

    • tammy

      U are crazy! She will not work with children ever again! U’ll see! & honestly I’m really happy that she was kind to ur child. I’m pretty sure ur child isn’t disabled. Or challenged. So yes ur fortunate that this didn’t happen to ur child. However… it did happen to this child & others! Very sad! So, to each their own opinion… if u want to defend this horrible excuse of a teacher/DEAN OF STUDENTS…. it’s a free country…but that makes u as cold hearted as Anita Babe!

  • Ann

    Very happy. Wonderful teacher completely thrown under the bus by the school that 3 generations of my family have attended. She was innocent from the start! Wish my son could have her his last year.

    • tammy

      Ha! U have got to be kidding! The school & the dmpd had her back! OBVIOUSLY DUH!!! That’s why she got off scott-free!!! U think time & time again this hasn’t been swept under the rug?!? & honestly ur very fortunate to not have experienced her BULLY side! But Unfortunately this boy has! & so have others! Just sad!

      • tammy

        & innocent really?!? She got arrested for assult on this child!! Look it up!! I’m beginning to wonder if someones pockets are lined in this case!!! :-/

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