Ankeny Requests Special Census

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ANKENY, Iowa – The city of Ankeny wants a new census count so it can get more money for road work. It’s expected to show the city has grown beyond its official 2010 count of 45,580 to about 52,000.

Federal law allows government bodies like cities and counties to request a special census once every decade.

Ankeny has done so regularly since the 1970s.

The city will pay an estimated $865,000 for the survey. It could bring in an extra $3 million towards the road use tax fund, which pays for things like roads repairs and snow removal, until the next census in 2020.

Ankeny last had a census of this kind in 2005.


  • Jess

    And Troy Hendrickson is an internet troll who needs to pull his head out of his butt and quit making comments about things he has no knowledge off. Guessin’ he’d be pretty quiet!
    My family and I have lived in Ankeny for years. Many of our neighbors are 3rd-4th generation Ankeny residents. I do not know anyone in Ankeny who is on welfare. I’m sure there are people that are, but, Ankeny is full of good, hard working people.
    The extra census would do things like get us the money we need to build roads to the new schools we are putting in four our increasing populations.
    You are such a small minded, insensitive, rude man who just spends his days making nasty comments about other people. I’m betting you and Will Denison are related. Although, lately, Willie has actually had some pretty good posts.

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