Hatch Wants More Debates, Branstad Calls Opponent’s Campaign ‘Desperate’

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Hatch is calling on the governor to hold more debates.

Hatch says Gov. Branstad decided the location of the three debates without his input. They are at the Iowa State Fair, at a TV station in Sioux City, and with a TV station in Burlington.

Hatch's campaign wants more debates in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids to allow more Iowans to hear the issues.

“We are open to more debates, we are open to more discussions. We want the narrative of the future of this state to be seen and to be heard by more than just 20-percent of the Iowa viewing audience,” says Hatch.

The governor's campaign released a statement in response to Hatch's request:

"Gov. Branstad has made it a priority to debate in every general election, and welcomes the opportunity to contrast his record of job creation and fiscal stability against Jack Hatch's return to Culver-era tax hikes and deficit spending. Our campaign is excited to participate in these three debates--the same number of debates as in 2010--and we will not respond to tacky, desperate campaign gimmicks from our opponent's struggling campaign."


  • Mike Cee

    Culver-era tax hikes
    Deficit spending
    This pretty well sums up the entire Hatch campaign so far.

  • William Denison

    Terry Braindead does not want to debate, because he’s braindead plain and simple. He just wants to use all the corrupt donor money to buy his way into office for another 4 years. We are no longer living in the 80’s. Terry is going to have to spend all his dirty money and then some to even have a chance this fall. Hatch has been on a shoe string budget and is closing the gap everyday, fact. The only real numbers that really matter will be those used to count votes in November.

      • William Denison

        I have no idea what kitty your talking about . The only kitty I’ve ever petted was your moms. lol

      • William Denison

        Sorry again ya’ll, my weed fueled bipolarism keeps flaring up. I didnt mean to insult your mother. Thanks for thinking of kitty!

  • Sue

    William, the more comments you make, the more I realize what a polarizing, ignorant, angry man you are.

  • joe p.

    Its clear the Branstad camp is taking a play from the Sarah Palin VP run play book. Hide and call names.

  • Jay

    Why are more debates needed? If you cannot clearly articulate your point or counter your opponent in three different debates, maybe you shouldn’t be running for governor. I’m not saying that as a Branstad supporter; I’d rather see some fresh faces at the capital on both sides of the aisle.

    • noraeng

      @Jay… I agree and if a voter can’t make up their mind after seeing three debates then maybe that voter doesn’t need to be voting.

  • Dan

    Hatch? Hatch who? So I see ol Terry is basically running unopposed this year…… One thing about it, it won’t take them long to count Hatch’s 14 votes.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    I have no doubt at all we’ll be stuck under the thumb of corrupt hypocritical religious hypocrites for another 4 years. The good news is, one can lead a moral life without regard to the law, and in the end, Brandstad and his cabal will not be the judges, but themselves face the harshest judgement of all.

  • marcus

    At least Hatch is willing to provide housing for our own homeless. Why don’t we take in more illegal immigrants? They can live along the river too. Brandstad has always been a lame-duck governor and always will be, he does whatever he’s paid to do.

  • John

    since branstad threw the Iowa kids in need out of the Toledo home, maybe they can be housed there. Lets see if terry’s math impaired numbers go down with the Cherokee closing… oh that’s right he only adds – can’t do subtraction like the rest of us have to. Still way short of the 200,000 mark even without doing the math correctly.

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