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Volunteers Keep Iowa Streams Clean

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adopt a streamANKENY, Iowa– Iowans are doing their part to keep streams in the community clean. A group of about a dozen volunteers spent their Sunday afternoon picking up trash along Four Mile Creek.

“We found a sink, a bench, just lots and lots of trash. We had 18 bags of trash last year,” says Anne Gettings.

Gettings expects to collect even more junk today.

“It`s been flooding a lot and when it floods, it collects everything and puts it into the stream when the water goes down so I think there might be a little more,” says Gettings.

The company she works at, Snyder & Associates, signed up for the Adopt a Stream program. It’s a lot like the Adopt a Highway program. Volunteers are responsible for keeping a designated area trash and debris free.

This is the second year that the company has adopted Four Mile Creek. The Adopt a Stream program is run through Metro Waste Authority.