Girl, 9, Hit by Plane on Florida Beach Dies From Injuries

MIAMI, Florida  — The 9-year-old girl critically injured when an airplane struck her on a Florida beach last weekend has died, the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday.

The girl, Oceana Irizarry, and her father, Ommy Irizarry, 36, of Georgia were both struck Sunday afternoon, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The father died at the scene, and the girl was rushed to a hospital.

Venice Municipal Airport officials reported a plane in distress Sunday afternoon, Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Wendy Rose said.

The pilot of a 1972 Piper Cherokee radioed that he would be unable to make it back to the airport and that he was instead going to attempt a landing on Caspersen Beach, just to the south.

The investigation is continuing, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The pilot, Karl Kokomoor, and his passenger, David Theen, were uninjured. Both are from Englewood, Florida.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA are also investigating.

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  • PlayingDevilsAdvocate

    Apparently, the pilot and his passenger’s lives were more important than the little girl and her father. Tragic in all cases. I won’t be surprised if charges are filed.

  • Jess

    I am NOT blaming the victim, just trying to get my mind around this.
    Do you think it came down so fast that they simply had no time to get out of the way?
    Or, did they perhaps think it was some sort of stunt, the pilot was ‘buzzing’ the beach and would pull up?

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