Goats Still Going Strong In Year Two

SAYLORVILLE, Iowa — We introduced you to Iowa’s most innovative weed wackers last year.  In season number two, Goats on the Go continues to surprise.

“It just seemed so perfect to have something that would naturally take care of the weeds and be so enjoyable to watch at the same time,” said Sandee Wennerberg of Iowa City.

Sandee called them this week to help out her mom, Dolores, in Saylorville.

“It’s getting to look better,” Dolores laughs, “believe me!”

A dense, tangled mess of poison ivy, invasive species…and bugs.

“It’s two and a half acres in all,” she says, “and until I got a little older, I did take care of this yard myself.”

The goat guys continue to learn as they go.  Jobs like this which used to get twenty goats, now get forty.

“We’ve just found that it’s more cost-effective for our customers and more efficient for us if we can put a lot of goats on one place at once and do it more quickly,” says Aaron Steele, who co-owns Goats On The Go with his friend, Chad Steenhoek.

There’s still the same old appeal, though.  It’s somehow fun to watch the goats push, climb and chew their way through stuff most of us won’t go near.

“They are so cute,” Dolores smiles, “I just love them.”

Bridget was kind enough to wear our camera to give us a “goat’s eye view” of her work.  She’s a bit of a noisy eater…and bleats with her mouth full.

She wears the camera on her horn until I try to pet her and she takes off.

Oh well. It’s a hit.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” Dolores says.

“We just love the whole program,” Sandee adds. “We love the idea of it.”

More satisfied customers…and appetites.



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