Polk County to Utilize Billboards for Emergencies


DES MOINES, Iowa - Twenty-nine digital billboards across Polk County will begin warning drivers of potential disasters and emergencies, the Polk County Emergency Management Agency announced Tuesday.

It's a new collaboration between the agency, the National Weather Service, and Clear Channel Outdoor - the owner of the billboards. When tornado warnings, gas leaks, and severe weather strike, these billboards will light up with a warning message, telling drivers to tune into WHO Radio for details.

"This gives people access to information when they're on the road, and they can see the sign, tune in to get additional details, and be alerted to something that could save their life," said A.J. Mumm of the agency.

The emergency alert system takes effect Tuesday.

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  • plynitsafe

    That is just crazy !! First? They cause “Distraction” But ?? POLK COUNTY Gets to use them to Distract drivers. Go figure ..

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