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AGRIBUSINESS: Iowa Crops Ahead of Schedule

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The Monday Iowa Crop Progress report showed perfect conditions for fungicide and herbicide applications in the nearly six days suitable for fieldwork.


Eighty-five percent of the corn acreage was at or beyond the silking stage, almost two weeks ahead of last year and a week over the five year average. Corn in the dough stage is at 14%, seven points ahead of normal.


Eighty-two percent of soybeans are at blooming or beyond about 10 days ahead of last year and 41% of the bean crop was setting pods way ahead of last years 10%.


Corn saw 78% of crop conditions good to excellent up a point from last week. Soybeans saw much of the same, 76% of the crop in the good to excellent category.


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  • BrutallyHonest

    Was there not just an article about a month ago about how the crops were struggling and how there will be less corn/soybeans come harvest time? Do they report that to just get the prices to go up?

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