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Nevada Man Arrested for Arson After Texting Pictures to Friend

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grant whitaker

AMES, Iowa — Ames police tracked down a Nevada man on a warrant for fires he allegedly set awhile back.

Ames firefighters were called to a small fire at 2039 Country Club Boulevard, September 24, 2012.  They found a trash can on fire, and quickly put it out before it spread.

Investigators later found out that Grant Whitaker, 21, sent a picture of the fire to a friend through text, claiming he set the fire.

Whitaker is charged with third degree arson, an aggravated misdemeanor for that fire.

Then, on November 3, 2013, firefighters put out a truck that was on fire.

In this incident, police say Whitaker again sent a picture text to a friend, claiming he lit some materials on fire under the truck, causing it to catch fire.

For the vehicle fire, Whitaker is charged with second degree arson, a class c felony.

Whitaker was arrested on Wednesday and booked into the Story County Jail. He has since been released.


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