The Odds Iowa Builds Another Casino Are Low

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JOHNSTON, Iowa — The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission said Thursday they don’t plan to grant any new casino licenses in the near future.

"For the remainder of my term, I have very little desire to consider any new license applications in that time," commission chair Jeff Lamberti said during a meeting at Stoney Creek in Johnston.

Lamberti’s term ends April 30, 2017.

Recent studies indicate Iowa’s market cannot handle another casino. After voting 4-1 in April to deny a license to Linn County’s proposed casino in Cedar Rapids, it didn’t look good for Greene County. However, in June the IRGC voted to approve the county’s casino 3-2.

Ground broke at that $40-million development in mid-July.

Our reporter at the meeting says the other commission members echoed Lamberti's stance.



  • Jake Moretti

    But yet it is all right for the rich Lamberti family to build there Caseys stores right by one another so they can jam up the market and run out the competition” Where’s the antitrust laws for them??? Oh wait a minute there rich and have alot of powerful political friends in iowa” Lol…….

  • William Denison

    Yep, once Lamberti ran Kum and Go and Quiktrip out of town and locked their monoploy up…………oh, wait.

  • Brian

    they should approve every license application that comes in… maybe some competition would force Prairie Gettos to increase there payback … most people only want to have a little chance to win and could care less about paying for the endless construction that goes on out there.

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